Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kids' Multicultural Cookbook

Title: The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook: Food and Fun Around the World
Author: Deanna F. Cook

Summary: This book emphasizes that cooking is a fun way for kids to learn about cultures around the world. Just by looking at the ingredients kids will get a sense of what foods are available in other countries. Also, in more careful reading of the recipes, kids will discover how foods are prepared differently in other countries. Each recipes includes fun facts and figures about the country of origin. It often highlights the ways that kids help their families prepare food and participate in their countries' traditions. By the end of the book students have traveled to 41 countries thinking they have only used their taste buds, but really it involved so much more.

Reflection: I chose this book because of its initial colorful, fun appeal. It is very kid-friendly and engaging. It breaks down recipes into easy steps and offers reason why a culture may eat this food. It attributes unique and interesting facts and foods to each country to make exciting reading. I also liked how children from each country are highlighted among the recipes so students can see children like themselves also participating in cooking.

How I could use this book: This book is excellent in units of study about food, restaurants or various topics about other countries. My 1st grade class is currently using this book in their restaurant theme study. They will talk about restaurants, foods and customs first in their own families and the local area and then branch out internationally. This would be a great resource of student's to take home and try or choose a recipe to cook as a class. It would be fun to have an international tasting day where students could bring a dish to share from their family's country of origin. Yoko is another book that could be used with this book in order to expose children to new foods and cultures.

Domains of Social Justice: This book definitely hits the first tow levels of social justice, Self-love and Acceptance and Respect for Others. I think its so important that children are exposed to new cultures and foods as early as possible so they can continue to grow and learn with an open mind. I think that I wasted so much time as a child eating chicken nuggets and I'd want my students to experience what else is out there way early than I was. They will also develop a new respect of their family's traditions and have pride in themselves.

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